A Spirit360® Lifestyle

Spirit360 at SpiriTrust Lutheran empowers positive, active aging. Its mission is to inspire meaningful purpose in the lives of residents by empowering them with continued growth opportunities for wellness in body, mind and spirit. 

Seven Dimensions of Wellness

Within each of the six SpiriTrust Lutheran® Life Plan Communities, Spirit360® fully integrates the seven dimensions of wellness:
  1. Emotional. Understanding ourselves, acknowledging and sharing feelings in a productive manner, approaching life with a positive enthusiastic outlook, and coping with the challenges life can bring.
  2. Intellectual. Opening our minds to new ideas/experiences and engaging in creative pursuits and lifelong learning to sharpen the brain.
  3. Physical. Caring for our bodies with positive choices to maintain and improve health, strength, flexibility and functional ability.
  4. Vocational. Making a positive impact contributing to society and gaining personal satisfaction while maintaining balance in our lives.
  5. Social. Relating, connecting and interacting with people of all ages, and establishing and maintaining positive relationships.
  6. Spiritual. Living with peace and harmony to realize a common purpose in our lives.
  7. Environmental. Recognizing our own personal responsibility for the quality of air, the water and the land that surrounds us, and making a positive impact on the quality of our surroundings.

Empowering Lives Through Purposeful Living

Through Spirit360, there are inspiring things for residents to do, learn and share. A variety of programs, custom designed by each SpiriTrust Lutheran community and offered throughout each week and month, integrate the various dimensions of wellness.

Inspiring Things to Do,
Learn and Share

Inspirations, the quarterly programming catalogue for the six SpiriTrust Lutheran® Life Plan Communities, lists inspiring things to do, learn and share on campus. We are honored that this publication was honored as a 2023 winner of the National Mature Media Awards. 

Please click on the community of your choice to peruse the unique program offerings available to residents on each campus, as well as to read that campus’ current issue of Inspirations.

Residential Living

Residents have enjoyed a variety of programs that included: 


Fitness Classes
Yoga, Tai Chi, Fit Medley, Balance, Circuit Strength
Body, Minds & You Talks
Tasty Tips & Health Habits Lecture & Tasting


Support Groups
Our Neighbors Faith, Thriving Circle
Study Groups & Services
Catholic Mass, Chat with the Chaplain, Worship Service


Lifelong Learning
Tech Talks
Creative Arts
Quilting Together, Recorder Class


Farm Show, Gettysburg Outlets, State Capital
Bingo, Mexican Train Dominos, Mix and Pick
Wine and cheese socials, holiday meals
Theatre & Movies
Lights, Camera, Action series; local theatre productions


CommUNITY Spirit
AARP Driving, Committees & Groups, Senior Acts Group, Village Voices, Seasons of Service projects,

Personal Care & Skilled Care

Residents have enjoyed a variety of programs that included: 


Support groups, music therapy, pet therapy, Zen Your Mind, music and massage


Technology classes, art classes, Mind Benders, lifelong learning programs, current world events


Chair yoga, Stretch and Breathe, rhythm and movement class, recreational games


Intergenerational programs, Well Kits, animal shelter drives, quilting and sewing projects


Holiday and special occasion celebrations, card and board games, musical performances, lunch and a movie


Church services, inspirational readings, Faith Stretch, Bible study, Body and Soul


Gardening, outings to parks, recycling, Gleaning Project, nature presentations